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A61 (Germany)

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* {{Gas}}{{Rest}} '''Brohltal''' {{Very Good}}
** Very big, much traffic.
** Do not get dropped here, when if you want to switch to the A48 direction [[Trier]]. You should rather go off at ''Mendig'' and get a lift on the ''Bundesstraße'' via [[Mayen]]. This is much faster as there is a lot of trafficand easier.
[[File:Brohltal.JPG|thumb|350px|right|At service area ''Brohltal'' direction north.]]
*'''(33) {{ramp}} [[Wehr]]'''
*'''(34) {{ramp}} [[Mendig]]''' {{Very Good}}**place yourself near You can ask people at the McDonalds restaurant if you are searching traffic lights for lifts for the to Mayen or in direction [[Trier]] via [[A48 (Germany)|A48]] in direction Trier.
*'''(35) {{ramp}} [[Kruft]]'''
*'''(36) {{ramp}} [[Plaidt]]'''
*'''(44) {{ramp}} [[Laudert]]'''
*'''(45) {{ramp}} [[Rheinböllen]]'''
* {{Gas}}{{Rest}} '''Hunsrück'''{{average}}
*'''(46) {{ramp}} [[Stromberg (Hunsrück)]]'''
*'''(47) {{ramp}} [[Waldlaubersheim]]'''

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