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Take a rain coat when expecting rain, bright yellow is good for visibility. Emergency rain ponchos that can be had for less than 2 euros or some transparent plastic can also do the trick. If it's likely to rain, it can be good to wear dark colour clothing to mask your wetness. Dark grey or black work well. Brown won't do, since it easily shows how wet you are and how much the mess you'll cause in the car, you know not many drivers want more than a few drops of water in their car floor.
Also make sure that your luggage is water proof. If there's a high chance of a lot of rain it's wise to [[Things to carry|pack stuff]] individually in plastic bags or zip lock bags(at least for important stuff like your passport).
=== Thunder ===
[[File:Guaka-hitchhiking-romania.jpg|right|thumb|270px|An umbrella can also provide shadow. [[User:Guaka|guaka]] hitchhiking in Romania, August 2010]]
=== Heat ===
During very warm periods in summer, or in warm exotic countries, one should protect oneself against excessive heat from the sun. Sometimes a place in shadow is not available, and waiting times are not always reliable. A simple cap would help prevent from burning the neck. Also arms and legs can be vulnerable to the heat of the sun. Make sure to take enough water. Apply sunscreen if you're white with sensitive skin.
=== Cold ===
Be careful, because sometimes a wait of a few hours might be unavoidable, and during cold your fingers may (almost literally) freeze off. This is of course especially true if one gets stuck [[at night]].
== Websites ==

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