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# You can hitch a lift onto the motorway (Autoroute A1) and ask the driver to drop you off at the petrol station. You will need a sign saying "A1 EST". You can do so by walking North under the motorway (if you haven't gone under already in the bus) and cross over to the other side of the road and find a point at the beginning of the slip road going South onto the A1 (this way you will enter the A1 going West, but immediately your driver should get off at the next exit, cross over and come back onto the A1 heading East). Otherwise, you can walk South back to ''Six Routes'', turn right and follow the tramlines (on your left hand side) and find a suitable place to hitch (there are some traffic lights). Your driver will go over the A1 and then take the turning round to the slip road going East. From the point you join the A1 East via the circular slip road, it is only about a 1km until the petrol station, so make sure you advise your driver!!
# There is a door in the wall surrounding the petrol station which allows outside access (it was open on 31-08-10), at first sight it might not be clear that's it's a door, because as it has the same looks as the wall, but you can recognise it because of by two holes at chest level, which you can put your arm true through and feel wether the lock on the inside. When you open it's openyou will be entering the service station from the right side, close to the exit and carwash. Sometimes it's Unfortunately sometimes the door is locked (latter was true on 01-06-08 and , 28-09-08 also and 29-11-08..), then you walk away from the door to the left and scale climb the concrete wall at the point where it becomes a fence. Walk forward and Once over the fence you'll see where you have to gowalk to the left, through the bushes, to enter the station. (See [,2.393292&spn=0.001334,0.004227&t=h&z=19 approximate location of the door].)# If the door is locked you have to climb the wall that is approximately 1,90 m tall, and go through a broken fence [,5.710144&sspn=1.165162,2.570801&ie=UTF8&t=k&om=1&ll=48.933836,2.394&spn=0.001182,0.002511&z=19&iwloc=addr here] - ''et voila'', you are at the petrol station.
# You can walk around the wall for about 70 meters towards the left, then walk down the little hill and walk through the bushes. You have to go over a small chain link fence that is bent over at the top and then you are on the motorway.
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