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British Columbia

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The capital city is [[Victoria]] situated on the Vancouver Island, [[Vancouver]] is the largest city and the third metropole of [[Canada]].
Be advised, hitchhiking is prohibited by law in BC in accordance with section 182 of the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act. That being said, hitchhiking is not uncommon in BC and you are unlikely to be bothered by the police.
== Cities ==
=== Vancouver ===
Most populated cities it may be harder to find rides, especially around the Greater Vancouver Area & inward toward the westcoast. In order to hitchhike out of Vancouver first take Skytrain to GatewayStation in Surrey. From a bus stop across the street, a bus will take you fairly close to a certain highway onramp on the Trans Canada. Bus drivers will be able to give more specific information.
== Towns ==
=== Revelstoke ===
Highly recommendable, small and beautiful mountain town, beautiful river and small lake to swimm swim in with the locals on hot summers day. Hiking in the national park of Revelstoke is recommendable, too. There are easy and difficult trainstrails. Take the car up there (many curves).
=== Hope ===
==== Hitchhiking from Revelstoke eastbound ====
That one is tricky, cause the gas station is kind of out of the way from the highway. Better asking people at the gas station if they are going south. Try to hitch from the side of the town, before the bridge. Maybe there is a better spot before the gas station, but that needs to be explored by foodfoot.
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