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[[Image:ABCD0019.jpg|thumb|right|400px|Hitching out to [[Luxembourg]]]]'''JasonJass''' has been hitching ever since June 2007 and has clocked up many thousands making his way out of miles now and met extraordinary people. The dull rides are the worst of allwomb.
He is always keen to learn more of the art of hitchhiking. He has much experience hitching in A backwards ride - [[Boston]]-[[FranceRhode Island]] and Southern -[[EnglandLowell]](o'kerouac, you were born here!).It went as follows..-I have to save my friend from her abusive boyfriend! Would you like an adventure and quite a detour?-Of course!
'''May''' - '''June''' - Two coaches in one week : [[GreeceNorway]], through the ex-Yugoslavia. '''June''' (end of) - /[[Avignon]] ([[France]]) film festival'''July''' - [[Scandinavia]] with his dear [[User:Siinvincible|brotherSweden]], taking him on his first europe hitching tripearly August, 2010.
Never ridden a [[tractor]] yet..but one bicycle in [[Netherlands]]. Countless expensive cars. As many beatdown cars approximately. Still no [[limousine]], brrr, one day!
The best way to contact if needed is probably through - couchsurfing - [http://wwwLeave grafitti at]. Bon chanceso enjoyable to read, o' roadside poetry!
Longest ride - 1,200km, [[Nurnberg]], [[Germany]] - [[Cluj Napoca]], [[Romania]]
Two caravans in one day, August 7th '10, [[Germany]] covering some 755km. Slowly. Of course..but a bed, lunch as it poured with rain..what more could a man ask for?
Strangest recent ride..
'Hello there..I'm a norwegian redneck. Nope, never been to the states, but I just love their attitude, their lifestyle, their -don't-give-a-fuck existence. Yeap, glad to meet you'. Inside, he had a thousand hanging perfume dashboard hangers. The cops would often pull him over because he blocking the road vision. 'But see, I just pull them back down now just when they come over to me!'
(August '10)

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