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Try just after the mini roundabout where Fen Causeway meets Newnham Road- there are places for cars to stop and it takes you to the larger roads which head to the M11 in both directions. I hitched from here to the ramp going to the M11 after waiting about 20 minutes, and have seen others do the same. It's about 15 minutes' walk from the town centre.
===North towards [[Ely]], [[King's Lynn]], [[Dersingham]] [[road : A10]]===Go to the Milton Park & Ride (it has a huge Tesco's supermarket..most people know it and should be able to point you in the right direction from the centre of the town). You can walk here without taking a bus quite easily, it's around a thirty minute walk from the centre. Along the way are two Co-op's, one often has amazing amounts of food in the bins, which will be on your righthand side. Keep walking and you'll pass something like a science park and then you'll see directions for Ely, A10 and so forth. Great space to stand. You could get a ride all the way to King's Lynn if you're patient (about an hour and a half's ride) but surely Ely will take you no longer than ten minutes waiting for.
=== South towards [[London]] ===

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