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=== West towards [[Nis]], [[Belgrade]] and [[Budapest]] ===
Find any underground/metro station (Blue line no. 1) and take the metro to the Slivnitsa (Сливница) stop (direction: Obelya - Обеля). When you get out, you will see a big crossroad - follow the direction out of the city. There are roadsigns that say [[Belgrade]] - that is the right direction. You can try to get a lift there but there are still too many local commuters passing. It is much better to take a bus no. 54 and get off when you see Metro hypermarket. There is a petrol station and traffic lights so the traffic is pretty slow. It is walkable to walk for about a mile until there's a big space to pull over (about twenty minutes walking). Jass stood here for about 15 minutes until getting a ride to the point mentioned above. However, long, long waiting times can be expected all the way to [[Belgrade]], despite how incredible hitchhiking is in the rest of the country. Try not to accept rides to places in the middle of nowhere..helps if you have a kind of map to know what to expect. It took Jass 4 hours just to get to the to start out from Sofia early if you want to get to Belgrade by nightfall.
=== North towards [[Bucharest]], [[Veliko Tarnovo]] and [[Varna]] ===

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