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{{Hitchhiking Zine nomination}}
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==== Rasthof Michendorf ====
* '''This one also works for South or East towards Poland!'''
Just 30 minutes by ''Regionalbahn'' (train) south west of Berlin. This is the most direct option. You easily get hitches to the south or west as well as to the east (Poland). Take a train (e.g. RE3 to [[Dessau]], check [] for route information.) from the center (ABC 2.80 EUR). Get off at the train station ''Michendorf''. Leave the station at the left side (in direction of the train). Turn right into the Potsdamer Straße, at the bus stop, and walk for 20 minutes straight on it.
To go west or south ([[Magdeburg]], [[Hannover]] or [[Leipzig]], [[Munich]]) turn right into Feldstraße and follow it till you see the [[service station]]. Enter via the green emergency door.
If you want to go east towards [[Poland]] or [[Dresden]] (If you want to go to Dresden, Schöneweide would be a much better option to start off) turn right after the tunnel (it's a small sandy road through a wood). Follow the road until you are at the restaurant at the [[rest area]]. This is a long arena so walk around the restaurant area, car parks, and petrol pumps.
[[File:IMG 5392.JPG|thumb|250px|right|[[Tiziano]] hitching from Berlin to [[Munich]]]]
If you are going further than Dresden (e.g. [[Czech Republic]]) on the A13, also take a look on the [[Dresden]] page.
'''You may also try [[Berlin#Rasthof Michendorf|Rasthof Michendorf]] ''' for getting lifts east or southeast.
==== Airport Berlin-Schönefeld ====
It's possible to hitchhike at the on-ramp next to the airport ''(Flughafen) Berlin-Schönefeld''. You can reach the airport with S-Bahn S9 and some [[Deutsche Bahn|DB]] trains. You can not only find lifts mostly towards Dresden or Poland. It's probably the best spot within reach by S and U-bahn Bahn to hitchhike to Poland. Stand right before the ramp with a 'PL' sign. The ramp is pretty small, but you can walk up some 15-20m behind the ''Autobahn'' sign so people can stop along the side of the road safely. Watch the speed of cars coming from the right hidden corner onto the ramp, it's a tricky on-ramp, can be dangerous so hitch carefully here. :One hitchhiker waited here for 6 hours without success. Have a look at the [[Talk:Berlin|discussion page]].
==== Tempelhof ====
Maybe Tempelhof used to be a good place to hitch hike in the past but now it seems impossible to catch a ride there - there is simply no space for a car to stop (or we failed to find a spot which i doubt because we searched the whole neighbourhood). If you still want to test it yourself here is how to get there:
The airport is easy to reach with S-bahn Bahn and U-bahnBahn. Once there simply follow the sign towards Dresden (A100). There are two red lights, for people coming from north and south, so they have time to see you. You should ask for A113 or A13, or simply if they are going in the way to Ikea, and get dropped on the petrol station before the big mall (before Waltersdorf, check map also). Bus #263 from S-Bahn station Grünau also goes to/near this petrol station. '''Please read the discussion page'''!

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