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Washington D.C.

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'''Washington District of Columbia''' is the capital city of the [[United States]] on the Eastern Coast.
== Hitching Hitchhiking Out ==If you want to [[hitchhike]] out of Washington DC toward === Direction [[Richmond]], take ===Take a yellow subway line toward Huntington station and get off at Pentagon station. From there take a bus 21A, 7A, 7F as closer as u can to the King street, and then walk along toward 395 highway, you will pass a gas station and you can start to hitchhike before you will see a sign saying Richmond. That's where you need to go. It's enough place for a car to stop and the traffic is not too crowded.
If you are wanting to go to === Direction [[Annapolis ]] or the [[Delmarva peninsula, you can just Peninsula]] ===Just catch the orange line to new carollton as it will get you right next to a fairly busy ramp onto the interstate 50[,-77.783203&sspn=5.776527,11.634521&gl=us&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Annapolis,+Anne+Arundel,+Maryland&ll=38.946209,-76.86106&spn=0.010998,0.022724&t=h&z=16interstate 50].or you You can also catch one of the buses that leaves from there and goes to Bowie, which is what i did, but there is much less traffic, so i would recommend the first option {{stub}}
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