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[[User:Grata|Grata]] 23:27, 6 April 2010 (UTC)
Hello, i can complete this experience with my point of view. I was hitchhiking end of march 2010 from oslo to Tromsö and in April from trömso to Stockholm and further to leipzig.
On my way to the north on the E6 i stucked 250km before Trondheim and finally after some other happenings (a truck driver drove over my backpack) i took the plane from trondheim to tromsö (i had to get another plane to svalbard and this was the best option). Hitchhiking in Norway is fucking annoying.
'''E06''' Yeah this is the nice street which goes up to far north. I thought this would be really easy for hitchhiking, only one street, all the traffic will pass by me. But my experiences where different.
''First of all:'' If you want to get a long distance lift with a trailer, it is quite impossible on the E06. Truck drivers usually take other roads! From oslo to trondheim the 3 and from trondheim to Tromsö they go through sweden. Only very few companys go straight up north on E06. I stucked in Dovre for the night at a big truck stop, but all of the truckers went to the coastline. Also, but that is just my personal impression, many truck drivers have been really unfriendly.
''Second:'' At 9 o´clock in the evening the traffic was shut down. I didn´t expect that it was so hard, but there where about 5-6 cars per hour passing my gas station. Passing without stopping. There was no traffic. No way to get a night lift.
''Third:'' I had not one ride over 100km. All lifts i got where just for a few "miles" and i can share the experience of grata, that there where not many norwegians (maybe one out of 7, who was original norwegian) who picked me up.
Also norwegians i met later told me, that it is hard for foreigners to come in contact, even if they speak the local language. The norwegians are very reserved towards aliens and foreigners.
I can say that was the '''worst hitchhiking trip''' i ever did. i did the whole way back from tromsö to leipzig in two parts (tromsö - stockholm 38h and stockholm - leipzig 25h) and sweden was a bit better, but also not so easy. Long waiting times, much longer than in every southern european country (except spain). latest in denmark my karma came back and hitchhiking was again a nice experience with interesting lifts and helpfull people.
I developed a little personal theory with some of my lifts. ;) I explained me all what happened with two thing. First, the way of travelling for young people in scandinavia is usually by plane (long distances, by plane fast and compared to car not soo expensive). So most6 of the drivers wouldn´t understand why there is someone beside the street, looking for a ride and not taking the plane. Second has to do with the very good welfare system in scandinavia. People are not used to help each other, because the goverment takes care and there is no need for solidarity (even the homeless in stockholm have a mobile haha) to each other. This is just a wacky theory! But maybe there is some truth in it.
'''If you hitchhike in norway take alot of time with you, much food (it´s so fucking expensive there) and a good tent. Then it will be a nice trip. The nature is still awesome. But anyway i wouldn´t recommend this country!!!'''

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