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'''Denver''' is [[Colorado]]'s capital and largest city surrounded by many suburbs such as Centennial, Commerce City, Aurora and Westminster. The phrase urban sprawl comes to mind. But as with all big cities hitching just takes some time and patience.
== Hitching Out Hitchhiking out =='''A Note About 1-25:''' I have avoided 1-25 like the plague while trying to leave Denver. I have sought out alternate routes that are indirect but A) more enjoyable scenery and B) I believe of higher likelihood of pick-up. If anyone knows a good spot going out on 1-25 from Denver, please update immediately. NOTE: I-25 is the main throughway here. Not sure who wrote the previous paragraph, but people are incredibly nice in Denver, and I see no reason you would have to go so far out of your way.
=== North towards [[Boulder]], [[Fort Collins]] ===
Find a way into the city of Golden (either hitch from 6th and Kalamath <legality questionable> or take the bus from Market Station and 16th Street), a small city famous for Coors Brewing and the School of Mines. Walk out of the city going northwest until you reach where Highway 6 turns into Highway 93, a large intersection of two highways. Continue north until you reach the sign marking mileage to Boulder. Continue from there to Longmont, Fort Collins, etc.''Note:Before departure, stop into Coors and ask for the "short tour" for a couple of free and refreshing Killians or Blue Moons with the local students partaking in what they have dubbed "Coors Lab." Simply ask anybody in the city how to get to the tasting room. But I digress.''
Another option to catch an even longer distance ride is to take the Fox Street (AKA Park Ave west/23rd St.) entrance ramp to I25/US87 north. There is a hotel and large gas station before this ramp which assures a solid amount of long distance traffic. ''Note:Before departureIn April 2016 I was at this spot, stop into Coors and ask for the "short tour" for entrance ramp did not work out after 45 minutes. At the gas station I found a couple of free and refreshing Killians or Blue Moons with the local students partaking ride in what they have dubbed "Coors Lab20 minutes by asking people. One guy even bought me a coffee." Simply ask anybody in the city how The shopowner did not like me hanging around there and asked me to get to the tasting room. But I digressleave within 30 minutes.''
=== West Into the Mountains ===
=== East Towards [[Kansas]] ===
(These directions will get you to an EBD ramp, however I had no luck here, and after about 2 hours of shiny SUV's passing me, I gave up, but for informational puroposes: Take the bus "airport blvd park-n-ride" - #43. I think a few others go out there as well. You can ride it to the end of the line, which is the Walmart shopping center, or the park-n-ride. Both stops are walking distance to I-70. The ramp is nice and big, might just take you a while to get a lift though considering the demographics of the area, but it'Entry Blankll get you on your way. ' ' bailamoooos started at a truck stop on Rt 70 West just outside Denver and got a ride with a trucker straight to Salina, Kansas after a 30 minute wait. I was also offered a ride to Dallas by a trucker. Salina has a truckstop, a motel, and a campground within 50 yards of the highway.'')
=== South Towards Colorado Springs ===
 Traveling South out of Denver can be difficult at best. RidgeGate Parkway (where Cabella's is located) is the last accessible onramp heading South (by bus) and not hitchhiker-friendly. 1 exit to the North is Lincoln, which has a decent pullover area. However, the entire area is brand-new and the expensive SUV'Entry Blanks are far more likely to give you cash than a ride. Consider Greyhound to Colorado Springs if you're in a hurry. If you don't mind waiting a day or two for a ride, food & money can be easily gotten in the area and there are still plenty of fields to camp in. The library does have an upstairs family bathroom to get cleaned up in and the hotel has free breakfast. If possible, a ride to the truck stop on Baptist Road in Monument (just North of Colorado Springs) is an excellent hitch spot, making it easy to get a ride to Albuquerque and beyond. Otherwise, expect long waits and short rides into New Mexico. NOTE: This is my second time hitching from this spot (Lincoln Ave. in Denver). The last time I waited 3 days before a sympathetic pastor finally stopped and bought me a bus ticket to Houston after seeing me there for so long. - jsplts  [[Image:32390723 1774434692602485 6689973486976237568 n.jpg|thumb|240px|left|Kspar dutifully flagging down rides along i25 in Castle Rock, CO]] may 2018: denver to austin, tx was our plan. friends dropped us off at an on-ramp(esque) just near W Plum Creek Pkwy (39.364478, -104.866916) in castle rock; 40 minute wait led us to hop over i25 to S Wilcox St (39.364620, -104.863877)which leads to i25. not ideal, but a bee keeper from CO springs snatched us up maybe 10 minutes later. from there, short rides got us to Monument, CO Springs, Fountain, Pueblo, CO City, Walsenburg, Trinidad and Raton, NM. probably my slowest hitching experience! not much through traffic in that area, but wait til you get further south of the larger cities. made up for it when we caught a lucky 10 hour ride to our doorstep in austin with three very texan men heading home from a christian conference in the rockies. praise the lord! [two_string_sally]
== Public Transport ==
Light rail has various stops from the city center going south. Market St and 16th St has a major bus hub. Good to get you anywhere in the greater Denver area
== Places to Visit ==
Colorado has more breweries per capita than any other state in the US. Take advantage of Denver's bustling night life, surprising music scene, the nearby Rocky Mountains for skiing, rock climbing, trekking and the small towns nestled in them. And keep your eyes peeled for dumpster diving at places like the Naked Juice Distro center.
== Places to Avoid ==
5-Points/Parts of downtown Denver, including the section of East Denver are not happy places Colfax between Broadway and Colorado Boulevard, and also the Five Points neighborhood northeast of the capital, are often considered by residents to be the high crime zones most dangerous areas of the city. Cherry Creek Opinions differ as to whether or not the reputation is deserved. Although at one point in the not so recent past areas such as Five Points had a land mine high rate of yuppiespoverty and crime, during the past decade getrification has generally reduced concerns for personal safety when visiting that area or almost any part of the city of Denver, at least for those familiar with seedier areas in large cities.
While :"Yeah I will not erase got dropped off in this previous entry as all are welcome to share their opinion, I must strongly disagreetruck stop past midnight. The trucker gave me his shower token and I'm guessing some very white suburbanite with little people or travel experience wrote that. Five Points is perfectly safewashed off, as is about all of Denver. Five Points is simply more diverse then asked the workers which way to downtown - and both ethnically and economically. Which actually makes it a great area to visit. There are a lot of cultural venues here as wellthem, including an African American museum within a librarythis young girl and young guy, freaked and jazz spots. East Denver is actually very nice were like "Do nooot go walkin in this neighborhood at night!" and laid back. I would guess the person was referring to east Colfaxlike "Cmon guys can't be that bad. On this street you'll find some of " They were tellin me about all the most interesting and down to earth shady people in Denver. So if you're scared of everything, hate new experiences and peopleme being dumb, thinkin I was all tough after homelessing around South Central LA and stuff, go walkin. The people are incredibly boring, shady surebut, skip in those placesbad no-cop neighborhoods, people let their dogs wander around like in small-towns, but these are city dogs. But you're hitchhikingAnyway, so why wouldn't you be down for those things? East Colfax anywhere downtown is actually my favorite part of Denver and has some AWESOME cafesfine. Anywho I love, peoplelove, barslove Denver, etc. SO check it out's my soul's home, I stop by Denver every time I travel."
== Accommodation and Sleep ==

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