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Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands

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'''Svalbard and Jan Mayen''' are an extraterritorial part of [[Norway]].
== Hitching around ==
Svalbard has the aproximate approximate size of Ireland, but almost no roads. There are only a few settlements, of which the main one is Longyearbyen. Even there, roads are almost just within the town. The exeption exception is the 6 kilometer road to the airoportairport, where also the campingsite camping site is located (as a hitchhiker, you usually stay there). On this road, hitchhiking is super easy, almost each car gives you a lift. But there is another, quite extraordinary possibility to hitchhike: Go to the airport and ask the crews, wheather whether they can give you a lift. Not sure they will, but once it worked.''See also: [[Plane|Hitchhiking a plane]]''
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