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<!--{{coords|lat=49|lon=8.47}}--><travelmap countries="de,nl,be,fr,lu,at,hu,pl,ch,gb,ie,sk,cl,cz,li" width="507" description='Countries, where MrTweek has hitchhiked' />  [[File:MrTweek.jpg|right|thumb|300px|MrTweek hitchhiking in [[Austria]], 2006.]]
== About ==
MrTweek is a hitchhikerfrom Germany, currently living in [[KarlsruheMelbourne]], [[GermanyAustralia]].
So far, he hitchhiked in [[Germany]], [[Netherlands]], [[France]], [[Belgium]], [[Luxemburg]], [[Austria]], [[Slovakia]], [[Hungary]], [[England]], [[Wales]], [[Ireland]], [[Poland]], [[Switzerland]], [[Chile]], [[Czech Republic]] and [[Liechtenstein]].He speaks German a lot around Europe and English, some Spanish Asia and a bit of French in South America and DutchAustralia.
He started hitchhiking in May 2006 and did more than 21 40 000 km since then. See details on his [[User:MrTweek/log|overview of hitching Trips]].
He also tries to keep track of his hitching trips on google maps (kind of outdated though).[http[File://mapsTrampschilder.googlejpg|right|thumb|300px|MrTweeks collection of Check it out].]
[[File:Trampschilder.jpg|right|thumb|300px|MrTweeks collection of signs.]]
== Personal records ==
* '''Longest Ride:Rides over 500 km ''' ** 774 km, from [[Osmaniye]], [[Turkey]] to [[Şırnak]], [[Turkey]] in July 2011.** 633 km, from [[Dijon]], [[France]] to a village near [[Perpignan]] in September 2009.** 625 km, from [[Linz]], [[Austria]] to [[Montabaur]], [[Germany]], In August 2006.** 559 km, from Beaufort to [[Adelaide]], December 2012** 519 km, from [[Bruchsal]] to [[Dresden]], April 2009.* '''Fastest Trip:''' ** 200 km in 1:20 including waiting times with 2 lifts from [[Dortmund]] to [[Hannover]] in August 2007.* '''Longest distance on one day:''' ** 1128 km from [[Göreme]] (Turkey) to [[Şırnak]] (Turkey) in July 2011 in 14 hours.** 916 km From from [[Vienna]] to [[Düsseldorf]] in August 20072006.* '''Fastest Lift:''' Some guy ** On the [[A7 (Germany)|German A7]] on the way from the south to [[KielHanover]], a guy was driving driving up to '''260 km/h''' on the [[A7 (Germany)|German A7]], together . Together with [[User:platschi|platschi]] in September 2007.* '''Worst waiting time:Slowest Lift'''** Probably less than '''20 km/h''' 6 Hours with a tractor for 18 maybe 5 km from between some villages in [[BratislavaGermany]] to the Hungarian border, while walking half of the distance, August 2006September 2010.* '''Biggest amount of people hitched with:''' ** About 40, on the back of a little truckin [[Berlin]], May 2009.
== Projects ==
* runs on MrTweeks webserver, along with some other webpages.<br />* He developed [[]], a web-based map, where hitchhikers can mark good hitching spots.<br />
* He works as a volunteer for [[abgefahren e.V.]]
* Organizer of the '''abgefahren hitchhiking championships''' in 2008 and 2009-2011== Planned Trips == === Real Plans ===* From [[Germany]] to [[Morocco]] in Summer 2009. === Dreams ===* Hitchhiking from [[Europe]] to [[Australia]]
== Contact ==
* Jabber/Google-Talk: [email protected](do NOT e-mail me there).* MSN: [email protected](also no e-mail)
* ICQ: 73498437
* CS, BW: MrTweek
* ...or just leave a note on my [ Talk Page].
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