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[[ImageFile:Amylin-thai-pickup.jpg|thumb|220px|left|[[amylin]] riding in the back of a hitched pick-up truck from [[Chiang Rai]] to the [[Laos]] border in [[Thailand]].]]
'''Thailand''' is a wonderful hitchhiking country - but you have to be persistent. People are not familiar with the concept of hitchhiking and they always want to drop you off at a bus station.
===National Parks===
* [[Khai Yai NP]]
* [[Bangkok]]
* [[Chiang Mai]], [[Chiang Rai]], [[Chon Buri]]
In Thailand, 1st & second class buses often have air conditioning - way too cold and you have to watch B-class movies on the video screen. Hitching you don't have to freeze and you can get acquainted with locals and some foreigners too. They don't ask money for the rides but if a someone not so rich offers you a long ride, it would be polite to offer him a lunch if you can afford it.
However, 3rd class trains are really cheap (48 THB from [[Bangkok]] to [[Aranyaprathet]], which is 6 km from the [[Cambodia|Cambodian]] n border), and it might be inconvenient to get to a good hitching spot when you're leaving [[Bangkok]].
Local buses are often great value too - and exciting if you're packed in with animals, bags & anything that will fit.
Thai is a language with 6 tones.-->
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