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Sault Ste. Marie

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There is a [ public transit system] on the Canadian side for about 2$ per ride, the main bus Terminus is located downtown at the corner of Dennis/Queen.
===South to [[Michigan]], [[United States]]===
* ''Look at the information on Border Crossing''
===North to TC17 for [[Thunder Bay]]===
*'''From the International Bridge:'''
From Huron St., take Queen St and walk the short distance until you arrive on Gore St in downtown Sault Ste. Marie (note that you can get a free map of Ontario or Sault Ste. Marie region at the Welcome Centre at the corner of Queen and Huron).
Note that the minimum distance you should accept is to at the Crossroad with the Trans-Canada 11 in [[Nipigon]], which is at a distance of 580km from Sault Ste Marie. Beware of not stopping in [[Wawa (Ontario)]].
===East to TC17 for [[Sudbury]]===
*'''From the International Bridge:'''
== The 'Soo' in the [[United States]] ==
From Sault Ste. Marie [[Michigan]], it is possible to head southward along the [[I-75]] to the [[Detroit]] area or remain on the Northern Michigan Peninsula along the western side of Lake Michigan through [[Wisconsin]] or toward [[Minnesota]]. You can reach the [[I-75]] from downtown following the W Portage Avenue or going down Ashmun Street until you reach W Easterday Av.
===North to [[Ontario]], [[Canada]]===
* ''Look at the information on Border Crossing''
===South to [[I-75]] for [[St.Ignace (Michigan)]] and Southern Michigan===
Reach the On-Ramp at the corner of W Easterday Avenue and Eureka Avenue which is located right after the US Border Control. There is also several Gas Stations and the [[Michigan]] Welcome Centre (where you can get a free map of Michigan) at this location.
===West to Northern Michigan Rte 28 to [[Marquette (Michigan)]]===
The road to [[Marquette (Michigan)]] can be access through the exit 386 on the [[I-75]]. However, this road is entirely rural and is a State Correctional Service (prison) is also located nearby. Signs ''Do not stop for hitch-hikers'' are well seen in this area and someone along the road would be seen with suspicion and have a difficult time.
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