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Phoenix (Arizona)

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Hitchhiking out of the Phoenix area means getting to an outlying suburb by bus ($1.25 fare), then planting yourself at a major truckstop exit or nearby highway on-ramp.
==Hitchhiking Exit Points==
'''I-10 Westbound, [[California]] Bound''' - Exit 137 at 67th Avenue. From downtown Phoenix, take local Bus #17 west, get off at 67th avenue and walk 1/2 mile south. Two truckstops here- Flying J and Danny's-A Big Rig Resort. Between the two is a public road that all trucks must pass to get back onto the highway. Stand here at the corner with a sign stating your destination ("I-10 WEST", for example).
==Legal Issues==
Hitchhiking is at the very least discouraged within the Phoenix metro area and may be outright illegal. For this reason, always get to the far city limits, as mentioned in the exit points above, before attempting to hitchhiking. Otherwise, expect cop hassle and possibly a warning citation or fine. Also, nearly all of the Phoenix metro area is within Maricopa county and so is under the jurisdiction of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, called "America's Toughest Sheriff". His deputies are encouraged to uphold this tough stance, so be aware of your surroundings and consider that the laws will be interpreted and upheld to their fullest extent. Read about [[:digi:usa320.html|Arizona hitchhiking laws on]].

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