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'''Ely''' is a city in south-east of [[England]]. A lot of traffic goes from here to [[London]], [[Norwich]] and towards [[King's Lynn]] and the coast. It is considered to be a very decent place to hitch out of.
==Hitching Out==
Ely has a couple of roundabouts that can be easily hitched from and with plenty of room for cars to pull over onto the grass verges. If in the centre of Ely, just walk out, it takes no longer than 30 minutes and is quite picturesque. The directions are very good or, just ask someone. People seem to be friendly here.
==Public Transport==
There are many buses and trains that can be caught, going to [[London]], [[Norwich]] and [[King's Lynn]], or as far north-west as [[Liverpool]]. At certain times at the train station, you can get a ticket for 5pence when the ticket office is closed or busy. [[User:Whisperingofthestars|Jason]] has done this before at 6:30pm all the way back to [[King's Lynn]] after hitching from [[London]].
==Places to Visit==
Go down to the river, walk, see the old houses, stare through dimly lit windows. There may be a dinosaur museum too, but this was last confirmed 10 years ago. If so, you can buy dinosaur excrements there, the possibility of a mighty fine treasure for any travelor. There's all kinds of historical things to see and do too. A cinema also.
==Places to Avoid==[[User:Siinvincible|Simon]] got a ride to Ely from a girl who said that parts of Ely are really rough, and told of an incident some weeks before where some guy went crazy and stabbed people he didn't know. However, this can happen anywhere, and he may have just been possessed.
==Accommodation and Sleep==
By the river, theres a great expanse of green land where one can surely find somewhere to sleep. Otherwise, [ CouchSurfing] as usual is a very great alternative, but unless the weather is bad, the land is wonderful to camp out on.
==Other Useful Info==__NOTOC__

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