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British Columbia

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The capital city is [[Victoria]] situated on the Vancouver Island, [[Vancouver]] is the largest city and the third metropole of [[Canada]].
Most populated cities it may be harder to find rides, especially around the Greater Vancouver Area & inward toward the westcoast.
==Towns=====Golden =======From Lake Louise continuing on Highway 1 eastbound ====
The streets split after Lake Louise - see that on google map. That will be a bit tricky. Highway 1 continues strait if you continue eastbound.
May take about 15 minutes if you are heading out of Hope going eastbound.
====Hitchhiking from Revelstoke eastbound====
That one is tricky, cause the gas station is kind of out of the way from the highway. Better asking people at the gas station if they are going south. Try to hitch from the side of the town, before the bridge. Maybe there is a better spot before the gas station, but that needs to be explored by food.
== Vancouver Island ==
===General Information===
The size of the island is underestimated. It's like a country itself, and it is covered with rainforest, thick rainforest and as the name says. It's raining a lot! However Vancouver Island is filled with liberal and environmentally friendly people, hippy-like if you will, therefore hitching here is very common. Some parts of the island are quite rural and it can be easy to get stuck after dark in the soaking wet, so make sure to try to get where you're going early on in the day while there's still light.
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