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A-40 (Quebec)

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*'''(118) [[Point-du-Jour Services]] {{Rest}}{{gas}}{{Parking}}'''
**''{{Very Good}} - The Services is located in the median strip, enabling you to change direction and hitch cars to any directions, it usually is a common stop for all drivers doing long distance along the A-40''
*'''(122) {{Ramp}} {{Junction}} Autoroute Antonio-Barrette [[A-30 (Quebec)|A-31]]- [[Joliette]]/Lavaltrie''' (Joliette - Autoroute A-31/Route 131)
*'''(130) {{Ramp}} Lanoraie''' (Chemin de Joliette)
*'''(141) {{Ramp}} ''' ''(Eastbound exit/Westbound entrance)'' (Rang Ste-Philomène)

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