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A-40 (Quebec)

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====In [[Lanaudière]] and [[Mauricie]] Regions====
In [[Trois-Rivières]], the By-Pass highway project was never built. Therefore, the highway runs directly into downtown and requires that you overlap onto the [[A-55 (Quebec)|A-55]] for a few km on the western part of the city. Note that the southern junction between the A-40 and [[A-55 (Quebec)|A-55]] would be a dangerous hitching disaster (therefore do not hitch along the highway there!)spot, the northern junction (leading to [[Montreal]] westbound) would even enable you to hitch directly on the highway viaduc itself. The distance to travel on the [[A-55 (Quebec)|A-55]] is about 4km in term of Canadian distance its short enough to usually have a driver do the detour to drop you there
As ''' ''Autoroute de la Rive-Nord'' and ''Autoroute Félix-Leclerc'' '''
**''{{Very Good}} - The Services is located in the median strip, enabling you to change direction and hitch cars to any directions, it usually is a common stop for all drivers doing long distance along the A-40''
*'''(122) {{Ramp}} {{Junction}} Autoroute Antonio-Barrette [[A-30 (Quebec)|A-31]]''' (Joliette - Autoroute A-31/Route 131)
*'''(130) {{Ramp}} Lanoraie''' (Chemin de Joliette)
*'''(141) {{Ramp}} ''' ''(Eastbound exit/Westbound entrance)'' (Rang Ste-Philomène)
*'''(144) {{Ramp}} [[Berthierville]]''' (Avenue Gilles-Villeneuve)
**Chance to get to the St-Lawrence south shore through the [[Sorel]] ferry ([ 2.25$ o-w crossing])
*'''(151) {{Ramp}} St-Viateur''' (Route 138)*'''(155) {{Ramp}} St-Barthelemy''' (Montee St-Laurent)*'''(160) {{Ramp}} Maskinonge''' (Rang de la Rivière Sud-Est)
**''(West)'' Include 'Frontage road' Eastbound exit and Westbound entrance
*'''{{Parking}} Pointe-du-Lac Rest Area
**{{Rest}} Temporary Seasonnal Snack
**Major Summer Halt/Pic-Nic Area
*'''(166) {{Ramp}} Louiseville''' (Route Livernoche)*'''(174) {{Ramp}} Louiseville''' (Route du Pays-Brûlé)**{{Gas}} {{Rest}}*'''(180) {{Ramp}} Yamachiche''' (Chemin St-Jacques/Boulevard Duchesne (Route 153))*'''(187) {{Ramp}} Pointe-du-Lac''' (Rue Notre-Dame (Route 138))*'''(189) {{Ramp}} Pointe-du-Lac''' (Rang St-Charles)*'''(192) {{Ramp}} Pointe-du-Lac''' (Chemin des Petites-Terres)
*'''(196) {{junction}}{{Ramp}} [[A-55 (Quebec)|Autoroute Transquebecoise A-55]]'''
**Possibility to hitch at this junction
*'''(203) {{Ramp}} [[Trois-Rivières]]''' (Rue Thibeau (Route 157))
*'''(205) {{Ramp}} [[Trois-Rivières]]''' (Rue des Prairies)
*'''(210) {{Ramp}} St-Maurice''' (Rue Notre-Dame (Route 352))*'''(220) {{Ramp}} Champlain''' (Boulevard de la Visitation (Route 359))*'''(229) {{Ramp}} Batiscan''' (Rang Sud (Route 361))
Pont Rivière Batiscan
*'''(236) {{Ramp}} Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade''' (2e Avenue ( Route 159))
Pont Rivière Ste-Anne
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