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'''Burlington''' is a college-town in Northwestern [[Vermont]], [[United States]] alongshore Lake Champlain. It is easiest to hitchhike out of Burlington either through [[gas station|gas stations]]s, or at a bus stop, where drivers will have space to pull over. The  Like most [[on-ramp]] in Burlington, the one to [[I-89 N ]] North (exit 14) nearest , and coming from the University of Vermont otherwise works as a funnel, without a [[shoulder]] on the road, so there is no space for the fast-moving traffic to pull aside. === Burlington International Airport === Burlington Airport is a cheap fly-in/fly-out alternative to travel to [[Quebec]] without the Canadian Air cost restrictions, with most major Airlines (Northwest - Continental - United ...), the airport is located only 40 miles off the border at [[Saint-Armand]], [[Monteregie]].

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