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From the center you can walk in direction Braunschweig. You have to cross a big junction and if you like further two junction with traffic light. You can try to [[hitchhike]] all the way, but the way further, the better your chances get. Try to hitch at the busstop ''Mittelweg'' or ask the people at the filling station. A sign is very useful if you don't want to go into Braunschweig city (where it is difficult to get away).
===To the South and West ([[Goslar]], Harz, [[Göttingen]], [[Kassel]], [[Hildesheim]], [[Salzgitter]])===
Take the bus 793 or 797 and exit at ''Stadtwerke'', or walk the ''Halchtersche Straße'' from the railstation (2 km).
From there you can take the country road via [[Schalden]] to [[Goslar]] if you want to see the Harz mountains.
If you want to go further southwest to the [[A7 (Germany)|A7]], you can use this spot too. It is important to find someone who is directly heading to the A7 and don't get dropped in [[Salzgitter]] (see the Salzgitter article for more details). Better use a [[sign]] (for example ''Kassel'' or ''GÖ'' for Göttingen or ''A7'') and reject lifts to Salzgitter.
If you are able to speak german, see also the german article, which is more detailed.

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