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'''Overijssel''' is a province of the Netherlands, its capital is [[Zwolle]]. Main population centres are the [[Twente]] agglomeration in the east of the province; consisting of the cities [[Enschede]], [[Hengelo]], [[Almelo]], [[Oldenzaal]] and [[Borne]] as well as some smaller towns, and the cities of [[Zwolle]] and [[Deventer]] in the west of the province, on by the eastern banks of the river Ijssel.
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Overijssel is home to three motorways; [[A1 (Netherlands)|A1]], [[A28 (Netherlands)|A28]] and [[A35 (Netherlands)|A35]]. The [[A32 (Netherlands)|A32]] runs through Overijssel for a few kilometers too and then goes further into [[Friesland]]. Also, motorway [[A50 (Netherlands)|A50]] is important for the province since it connects the Ijssel IJssel valley ([[Zwolle]] and [[Deventer]]) to the south of the Netherlands. Motorway [[A1 (Netherlands)|A1]] runs west to east through the province; from [[Deventer]] in the west to [[De Lutte]] in the east, motorway [[A28 (Netherlands)|A28]] runs through Zwolle, connecting it to [[Groningen]] and the [[Randstad]], and motorway [[A35 (Netherlands)|A35]] runs the length of the [[Twente]] agglomeration, connecting [[Wierden]] with [[Enschede]]. For this agglomeration the [[A31 (Germany)|A31]] holds quite a bit of importance as well, connecting it to the north and south.
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