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A28 (Netherlands)

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*'''{{ramp}} 20 [[Zwolle]]-Noord'''
*'''{{ramp}} 21 [[Ommen]]'''
*'''{{gas}} ''Haerst'''''
** Southbound, towards [[Utrecht]]
*'''{{parking}} ''De Markte'''''
** Northbound, towards Groningen. Used quite heavily, both as parking for divers in a nearby lake, as well as parking for men (mainly closeted gays) looking for sex in a nearby bit of wood.
*'''{{ramp}} 22 [[Nieuwleusen]]'''
*'''{{gas}} ''Dekkersland'''''
** Northbound, towards [[Groningen]]
*'''{{ramp}} 23 [[Staphorst]]'''
*'''{{junction}} Lankhorst

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