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A28 (Netherlands)

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The '''A28''' is a motorway running from [[Utrecht]] in the central [[Netherlands]] to [[Groningen]] in the northeast. Along its way it passes cities like [[Amersfoort]], [[Zwolle]] and [[Assen]], as well as smaller towns like [[Zeist]], [[Harderwijk]], [[Meppel]] and [[Hoogeveen]].
'''Scroll down to bottom of page for more detailed maps'''
<map lat='52.7' lng='6' zoom='8' view='0' country='Netherlands' width='420' height='550' float='right' />
==Hitching the '''A28'''==
== Hitching the '''A28''' == ** Continues as '''''Waterlinieweg''''' into '''[[Utrecht]]''' * '''{{legendintersection}} Beginning of motorway''' {{good}}*'''{{junction}} Rijnsweerd'''** Chance to get on to the motorway '''[[A27 (Netherlands)|A27]]''', for '''[[Almere]], [[Hilversum]], [[Den Bosch]], [[Den Haag]] and [[Breda]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 2 ([[Utrecht]])-De Uithof'''{{average}}*'''{{ramp}} 3 [[Den Dolder]] / ([[Zeist]])'''{{average}}*'''{{ramp}} 4 [[Soesterberg]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 5 [[Maarn]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 6 [[Leusden]]-Zuid'''*'''{{ramp}} 7 [[Leusden]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 8 [[Amersfoort]]'''{{average}}*'''{{junction}} Hoevelaken'''** Chance to get on to the motorway '''[[A1 (Netherlands)|A1]]''', for '''[[Amsterdam]], [[Apeldoorn]], [[Hengelo]], [[Osnabrück]] and [[Berlin]]'''* '''{{gas}} ''Hooglanderveen''''' {{average}}** Only on lane in direction [[Utrecht]]*'''{{parking}} ''Hooglanderveen/Holkerveen'''''** Northbound, towards [[Groningen]]*'''{{ramp}} 8a Amersfoort-Vathorst / [[Nijkerk]]-Zuid'''*'''{{ramp}} 9 [[Nijkerk]]'''*'''{{parking}} ''Oldenaller'''''
** Only on lane in direction [[Utrecht]]
*'''{{gas}} ''[[Vanenburg]]'''''
** Only on lane in direction [[Groningen]]
*'''{{ramp}} 10 Strand [[Nulde]]'''* '''{{parking}} ''Dasselaar'''''** Only on lane in direction [[Groningen]]*'''{{ramp}} 11 Strand [[Horst]]'''* '''{{gas}} ''[[Drielander]]'''''** Only on lane in direction [[Utrecht]]*'''{{ramp}} 12 [[Ermelo]]/ [[Harderwijk]]'''{{bad}}Try to avoid this exit. Although there's quite some traffic, cars cannot stop here.*'''{{ramp}} 13 [[Lelystad]] / [[Harderwijk]]'''* '''{{parking}} ''Leuvenhorst'''''** Small parking, northbound lane towards [[Groningen]]* '''{{gas}}{{rest}} ''[[Willemsbos]] / [[Hendriksbos]]'''''** Hendriksbos is one of the biggest restareas in the Netherlands, and they're connected to each other with a tunnel. According to consumerorganisation ''Kassa'' the third-cleanest public toilets along Dutch motorways are to be found here.*'''{{ramp}} 14 [[Elspeet]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 15 [[Epe]] / [[Nunspeet]]-Oost'''* '''{{parking}} ''De Kraaienberg / De Haere'''''** Parking De Kraaienberg (northbound lane towards Groningen) is well-known and used to be an infamous [[cruising spot]]. Although the bushes are cleared for this reason now, you might still want to keep this history in mind when considering this parking. *'''{{ramp}} 16 [['t Harde]]'''* '''{{parking}} ''Vosbergen'''''** Small parking, only on lane in direction [[Utrecht]]* '''{{gas}} ''[[Bornheim]]/[['t Loo]]'''''** Near to ramp 17, shell stations on both sides of motorway.*'''{{ramp}} 17 [[Wezep]]'''*'''{{junction}} Hattemerbroek'''** Chance to get on to the motorway '''[[A50 (Netherlands)|A50]]''', for '''[[Apeldoorn]], [[Arnhem]], [[Nijmegen]], [[Eindhoven]] and [[Maastricht]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 18 [[Zwolle]]-Zuid'''{{senseless}}*'''{{ramp}} 19 [[Zwolle]]-Centrum'''{{average}} (southbound) / {{good}} (northbound)*'''{{ramp}} 20 [[Zwolle]]-Noord'''{{good}} (northbound)*'''{{ramp}} 21 [[Ommen]]'''* '''{{gas}} ''Haerst'''''** Southbound, towards [[Utrecht]]* '''{{parking}} ''De Markte'''''** Northbound, towards Groningen. Used quite heavily, both as parking for divers in a nearby lake, as well as parking for (mainly closeted gay) [[cruising spot|men looking for sex]] in a nearby bit of wood. There's a bridge nearby that connects the parking to the gas station (Shell) on the other side of the road.*'''{{ramp}} 22 [[Nieuwleusen]]'''* '''{{gas}} ''Dekkersland'''''** Northbound, towards [[Groningen]]*'''{{ramp}} 23 [[Staphorst]]'''*'''{{junction}} Lankhorst'''** Chance to get on to the motorway '''[[A32 (Netherlands)|A32]]''', for '''[[Meppel]], [[Heerenveen]] and [[Leeuwarden]]'''*** '''''Northbound only'''''*'''{{ramp}} 24 [[De Wijk]]'''** Chance to get on to the motorway '''[[A32 (Netherlands)|A32]]''', for '''[[Meppel]], [[Heerenveen]] and [[Leeuwarden]]'''*** '''''Southbound only'''''* '''{{gas}} ''[[Lageveen]] / [[Panjerd]]'''''** Used quite heavily by lorries. Also a good place to chance cars if one is trying to get towards [[Emmen]] / [[Meppen]]. Exit 25 is not heavily used, and split in two halves which are 3 kilometres away from each other.*'''{{ramp}} 25 [[Zuidwolde]]'''{{senseless}}** Avoid getting dropped at this ramp, to get back on the motorway is a 3 kilometre walk. Use petrol station [[Lageveen]] / [[Panjerd]] instead.*'''{{junction}} Hoogeveen'''** Chance to get on to the motorway '''[[A37 (Netherlands)|A37]]''', for '''[[Emmen]], [[Meppen]] and [[Bremen]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 26 [[Hoogeveen]]'''{{good}} (southbound)*'''{{ramp}} 27 [[Fluitenberg]]'''{{good} (northbound)*'''{{ramp}} 28 [[Pesse]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 29 [[Dwingeloo]]'''* '''{{gas}} ''[[De Mussels]] / [[Smalhorst]]'''''*'''{{ramp}} 30 [[Beilen]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 31 [[Westerbork]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 32 [[Assen]]-Zuid'''{{good}}*'''{{ramp}} 33 [[Assen]]'''* '''{{gas}} ''[[Zeijerveen]]'''''** Southbound towards [[Utrecht]]* '''{{gas}} ''[[Peelerveld]]'''''** Northbound towards [[Groningen]]*'''{{ramp}} 34 [[Assen]]-Noord'''*'''{{ramp}} 35 [[Vries]] / [[Tynaarlo]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 36 [[Zuidlaren]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 37 [[Groningen]] Airport ([[Eelde]])'''* '''{{parking}} ''Glimmermade'''''** Northbound towards [[Groningen]]* '''{{gas}} ''[[De Witte Molen]]'''''** Southbound towards [[Utrecht]]*'''{{ramp}} 38 [[Haren]]'''*'''{{ramp}} 39 [[Groningen]]-Zuid'''*'''{{intersection}} [[Julianaplein]]''' {{average}} (Motorway junctionis intersection with traffic lights)** Chance to get on to the motorway '''[[A7 (Netherlands)|A7]]''', for '''[[Drachten]], [[Heerenveen]], [[Winschoten]], [[Bremen]] and [[Hamburg]]'''** Continues as '''''Emmaviaduct''''' into [[Groningen]] city centre {{good}} (southbound) {{legend}} == Maps of the '''A28''' == === Southern section, [[Utrecht]] to [[Zwolle]] === <map lat='52.2' lng='5.32' zoom='10' view='0' country='Netherlands' width='450' height='350' float='left'/>  {|style="margin: 0 auto;"|<map lat='52.4' lng='5.76' zoom='10' view='0' country='Netherlands' width='500' height='350' float='right'/>|=== Around [[Zwolle]] === <map lat='52.49' lng='6.07' zoom='12' view='3' width='450' height='450'/> {|style="margin: 0 auto;"|<map lat='52.6' lng='6.1' zoom='11' view='0' country='Netherlands' width='350' height='600'/>|}   === Northern section, [[Staphorst]] to [[EuropapleinGroningen]]=== <map lat='52.67' lng='6.35' zoom='10' view='0' country='Netherlands' width='550' height='300' float='left'/>  {|style="margin: 0 auto;"|<map lat='52.97' lng='6.56' zoom='10' view='0' country='Netherlands' width='300' height='650'float='right'/>|}    {{Highways NL}} [[Category:Netherlands]][[Category:Motorways]]

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