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'''Warsaw''' ([[Poland|Polish]]:''Warszawa'', [[Germany|German]]: ''Warschau'', [[France|French]]: ''Varsovie'') is the capital of [[Poland]].
<map lat='52.232005085482086' lng='21.085853576660156' zoom='109' view='0' float='right' />
==Hitching Out==
Unfortunately for its inhabitants and fortunately for the hitchhikers, Warsaw does not have a district motorway nor is it linked to any major town with an expressway. As the city begins, most motorways and expressways end and turn into regular surface streets. This is largely due to the density of city construction and importance of existing city transit systems: The destruction of either in order to construct an inner-city freeway network is viewed as unbeneficial. This makes reaching a good spot for hitchhiking much easier, as most major roads in fact start in the city centre.
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