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=== South towards [[Bonn]], [[Koblenz]], [[Frankfurt am Main]] ===
To get out of '''Cologne''' to the South the best possibility is to go to the ''Verteilerkreis Süd'', a big [[roundabout ]] where all vehicles that are heading for the motorway to the South or West are passing by. There is also a petrol station beside it and a traffic light where one can ask people for a lift.
Not the best option unless you go to [[Bonn]] or [[Koblenz]]. For heading to [[Frankfurt am Main]], take the train to the last stop ''Königsforst'' (tram nr 9), walk straight for about 15 min. Then after a right turn you are on a decent on ramp of the [[A3 (Germany)|A3]], most of the cars will go to [[Frankfurt am Main]] or can drop you at least on the ''Rasthof Siegburg'' (about 20 km south)

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