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[[ImageFile:logo_sanifair.gif|thumb|right|Sanifair logo]]'''Sanifair''' is a subcompany of ''Tank & Rast GmbH'', a company that is managing most of [[Germany]]'s highway motorway [[rest area|service stationstations]]s.
Sanifair is responsible for the sanitary installations along this service stations. You'll find a chilled out atmosphere (even with music) and mostly very clean and hygienic toilets there, so great to make a break while hitchhiking, even if you only need some fresh water to clean your face/hands.
[[ImageFile:Sanifair voucher.jpg|thumb|left|sanifair voucher (front and back)]] [[Image:Masaru.jpg|thumb|left|Masaru hitchhiking at a petrol station (though probably not a Sanifair)]]
== Price ==
They created their own concept for paying:
If you want to use the toilets, you have to pay a fee, in most cases this sould should be EUR 0,5070. You'll get a coupon, and with this one you are able to get a discount of EUR 0,50 at the shop in the service station (e.g. you can get a box of matches for free). It's also possible to collect some more of these coupons, you can convert them all together into one product you might want to buy. If you're a smoker consider buying cigarettes as they are the only thing that is not more expensive on the service stations. The vouchers are valid for one year.
[[File:Masaru.jpg|thumb|right|Masaru hitchhiking at a petrol station (though probably not a Sanifair)]]
You might find vouchers that have been thrown away by unsuspecting customers. They are most likely thrown into the garbage bins on the way from the bathroom to the car, but it is also possible to find them in the bathroom or even still in the slot of the vending machine. You can also check if someone forgot to take the money from the change tray of the machine.
== Links ==
* [ Sanifair] {{de}}
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