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São Paulo

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[[São Paulo]] is the capital of the state which bears the same name.
It is the largest city in [[Brazil]] with over 20 million people inhabiting the [[metropolitan area]].
Partly because of this, the city presents difficulties in gaining rides to the place you want to go. To make life easier you may be able to get buses out of the city but trains are generally a cheaper option then using a local bus in that locality to locate the freeways and the petrol stations. Paulistas aren't the most open people to hitch hikers indeed in Brazil it's not too common. Truckdrivers are generally a better bunch to ask and will be usually going further in terms of distance.
There are generally 2 freeways that head in principle directions due to the large volumes of traffic.
The state of São Paulo has over 40 million inhabitants and statistically responsible for around 40% of the countries GDP.
Make your way to [[Jundiai]] by train. From the centre of Sao Paulo go to Luz Station and get the A train. The fare is around R$ 2.60
Once you get to Jundiai station you will need to walk or get a bus through the city to either one of the Rodovias Anchieta or Bandeirantes. Their is a posto de gasolina and truck stop a little north of the city on the Rodovia Anchieta. Lunchtime is good to find a caminhoneiro (truckdriver) if not there are always truckdrivers trying to fix their trucks. Have a map on you so you familiarise yourself with the many cities in the area when asking for lifts."I waited a long time at one petrol station because I was lazy and couldn't be bothered asking people. I did find a ride after two hours to Campinas which left me having to do the same thing again at another Petrol Station. I let a few rides go because many motorists didn't know the town i wanted to go to even though it was on their way" - The author and hitch-hiker
=='''To [[Rio de Janeiro]]'''==
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