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A-40 (Quebec)

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**'' {{Good}} people will most likely be altruist to help you out as there is no local transport from the airport''
**There is a local Gas Station/Donut store at this corner
**You can ask to reach 'Boulevard Laurier' where the major bus line will help you roam further downtown
*'''Crossroad ''' On-Grade
*'''Crossroad ''' On-Grade
*'''End of A-540''' continue eastward as 'Boulevard Laurier' ''(Route 175)'' towards [[Quebec city]] Downtown
** Local Hitch: could bring you to the northern and western suburbs/counties as well as to 'Quebec City Airport' if you need to in replacement of using the public transport.
====A-740 [[Quebec city|(Quebec)]] ''Autoroute Du Vallon/Robert-Bourassa''====
*{{Senseless}} - Do not venture as pedestrian along this highway until the fast lane stops as it is narrowed boulevard without shoulder, designed as a urban race track and often used as such by commuters!!
*Local Hitch along this highway could lead you to 'Wendake' (The Huron Village) or to other northern suburbs if you need to in replacement of using the public transport
'''Begins [[Quebec city]] University District - 'Ste-Foy Borough' '''
**'' {{Senseless}} - Industrial Estates only ''
*'''(7/7o) {{Ramp}} ''' (Boul. Wilfrid-Hamel)
**''{{Average}} - Good on Ramp, with local traffic only
*'''(8) {{Ramp}}''' (Boul. Père-Lelièvre)
**''{{Bad}} - Local Traffic only
*'''(9e/9o) {{Junction}} Overlap A-40/[[A-73 (Quebec)|A-73]] (Autoroute de la Capitale)'''
**Chance to the [[A-73 (Quebec)|A-73]] and [[A-73 (Quebec)|A-573]]
*'''Crossroad (Avenue Chauveau)'''
*'''Crossroad (Boulevard Bastien)'''
'''End of A-740 ''(Wendake)'' '''

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