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Tel Aviv

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{{Infobox Israeli Location
|country = Israel
|district = Tel Aviv District
|map = <map lat='32.05' lng='34.8' zoom='11' view='2' country='Israel'/>
|pop = Metropolitan Area: 3,150,800 (2007)
|motorways =
'''Tel Aviv''' is considered by many the capital of [[Israel]], and the center of the vast Metropolitan which is built all over central [[Israel]]. It is also where all the foreign embassies are located, since they do not recognise [[Jerusalem]] as the capital of [[Israel]].
Tel Aviv is also a very bad place to start a hitchiking trip. There is almost no good hitchhike spot in Tel Aviv itself, and your best bet is always to take the bus to the suburbs and try there - which is a pain on Shabbath, since there the public transport is very limited and more expensive.
==Hitch out==
Another option is to actually just wait at the first (busiest) petrol station. [[Signs]] work usually well here.
[[trash:Tel Aviv]]

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