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::I completely agree with Misha. Additional, if there are parallel gatherings, it would be hard for some people to decide where to go. Some friends may go to e.g. Berlin, while I prefer the gathering in Glasgow, etc. Maybe I want to do a longer trip than the short distance to the nearest gathering, and people might then prefer one gathering more than the other, etc. blabla. I'm definitely pro ''one-location'' meeting. [[User:platschi|platschi]]<small><sup>[ site], [[user talk:platschi|wikitalk]]</sup></small> 13:39, 24 August 2008 (CEST)
::: Robino, if you edit the wiki by removing content, I would recommend you to discuss the matter. It is up to you, but this seems to be a strange way to accomplish things, plus how would you like if people removed your contributions without any further note about it. It's some strange action of you, but why did you do this. At least that's my opinion, or did you visit Veit's school LOL :D Take care and greetings --[[User:Fverhart|Fverhart]] 16:06, 25 August 2008 (CEST)
:::: Hoi Frank, it looked like you deleted the whole content of the article with your last edit, that's why Robino reverted the article to an earlier version. I would have done the same, guess you maybe deleted all content 'per ongeluk', so that's why there's some confusion here. Anyway, please stay serious guys and please don't offend other people that have nothing to do with this conversation (Veit), even if it's just a joke. Not very kind ;) [[User:platschi|platschi]]<small><sup>[ site], [[user talk:platschi|wikitalk]]</sup></small> 18:39, 25 August 2008 (CEST)
:::: Frank, sorry, I see I made a small mistake. You had deleted the whole page by accident, except for this discussion, and then I reverted it. Wanted to leave you a note about it on your talk-page but got interrupted by something off-line. I now see as well though that you had left a note as well. I now repost it here under and would propose to delete this little thread if you say o.k. to this --[[User:Robino|Robino]] 00:30, 26 August 2008 (CEST)
:: The main thing for me is that the idea was discussed on the 888 meeting. I think we should not discuss if several meetings is better than one meeting here. It was discussed on 888 and it was not considered an option to consider, as I understand from Robino, the 888-attendance "kind of" agreed that 789 should be one gathering. Perhaps the whole thing should be left there, or it could be a choice to poll it on this or perhaps (?) better several websites, as it would be then some kind of democratic decision. Or simply follow the agreement on 888, that said it was "kind of" agreed that 789 should be one location. In my opinion it should be done in the most democratic way (in this sense I disagree with Platschi ~ and I feel and hope that hitchhikers are not that much an inseparable and nomadic family, just a bunch of happy people :D Anyway, if it's about personal opinions, I'd more likely go to a European hitchhikers meeting if it were to be held less than 200 km away, than in case it was more. But of course a big meeting makes a longer journey more acceptable :D --[[User:Fverhart|Fverhart]] 14:11, 25 August 2008 (CEST)

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