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[[Image:Katja and Augustas in {{infobox Country|country = of Ecuador|map= <map lat='-0.JPG9008417889908868' lng='-79.51904296875' zoom='6' view='0' float='right' />|thumblanguage = Spanish|Hitchhikers capital = [[Katja and Augustas]] traveling on a pick-up in EcuadorQuito]][[Image:Ecuador.JPG|thumbpop = 13,755,680|[http://wwwcurrency = (USD)|hitch =dome Dome] Hitchhiking with a cow!]]{{very good}}}}'''Ecuador''' is great for [[Image:Ecuador Katja and Augustashitchhiking]], just be careful in some places. Many pick-up trucks are there.jpg|thumb|Free ride on Drivers might ask for money, but if you are a Westerner you might get away with that. Many Ecuadorians are happy to pick-up]]a foreigner. It's not the safest country to hitchhike though.
'''Ecuador''' is great for hitchhiking, just be careful in some places. Many pick up trucks. Drivers might ask for money, but usually not to Westerners. It's not the safest country to hitchhike though. Buses in Ecuador are quite cheap, and will usually stop anywhere. Though on On some roads , though, there are none. In that no buses at all, in which case hitchhiking can be a good alternative, and you will be most likely picked up quickly as well. Many Ecuadorians are happy to pick up foreigners, and will less often ask for money for the ride. You will Very often find the very first car that passes stopping for will pick youup.
Image:Katja and Augustas in Ecuador.JPG|Hitchhikers [[Katja and Augustas]] traveling in the back of a pick-up in Ecuador.
Image:Ecuador.JPG|A hitchhiker [ Dome] having a ride with... a cow!
Image:Ecuador Katja and Augustas.jpg|Free ride in the back of a a pick-up - very usual for this country.
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