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Tel Aviv

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===To [[Beer Sheva]], the Negev, [[Eilat]], [[Egypt]] and [[Aqaba]] ([[Jordan]])===
Heading towards Beer Sheva, If 14.5NIS (3 Euro) is only a tiny part of your daily budget and you're not addicted to hitchhiking there is not really a good reason to go hitchike, hitchhike - as the bus fare from Tel Aviv is just 14pretty cheap.5NIS (3 Euro) # The La Guardia on ramp south. But if you really search for the adventureBasically, or anyone going South will take you are heading southern, you can give it to a trybetter spot.  # Take bus 475 from Tel Aviv central bus station, and ask the driver for a ticket till "El-Al junction" (11.7 NIS). The bus will pass the "Airport offices", and the next station is where you should get off. From the bus station you just descended to, it is possible to hitchhike south towards Beer Sheva. You go south on Road 40#, don't take a ride which diverts from this road, and you will get to Beer Sheva. (The last few kms are considered road 406, so don't worry about it).
If you are heading southern towards the Negev, [[Eilat]] or [[Egypt]], then it's recommended to take a bus till "Goral Junction", 10 km north of Beer Sheva. Take any bus to [[Beer Sheva]], like line 370 from Arlozerov terminal, and ask the driver to go off in that junction. From there continue your journey on Road 40, and again do not divert from this road. If you don't find there any long-haul rides, ask the drivers to take you do "Hativat Ha-Negev" Junction, from which any ride south will be helpful. Road 40 continues approx. 200 km south, till you reach "Ketura" junction, where you change to road 90 that goes all the way south to Eilat, The Jordanian border and the Taba border crossing. For the Jordanian border go off in Eilot junction and walk the 1km till the border, for the Egyptian border take bus 15 from Eilat (6.5 NIS).

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