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Tel Aviv

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==Hitch out==
===To [[Jerusalem]]===
* Road 44 seems an option, but Derech Ben Tsvi out of Jaffa doesn't seem great.
* One option is to take a bus to Ramat Gan and hitch there.
===To [[Haifa]] and the North===
Hitchiking to [[Haifa]] and the North is not that bad at all. From the central bus station, or from the Arlozerov Terminal (Namir street), you can take a bus to either the Cinema City complex (on the main road, 5 min out of Tel Aviv), or further towards Yakum (also on the main road, but 20 min out of Tel aviv, after [[Herzalyia]]).
In both cases you can start hitchiking hitchhiking from the bus station you were just dropped in.
To the Cinema city complex take bus number 501/601/90 (8.7 NIS). To Yakum Junction take bus 601 (13.5NIS). From these stops you can hitchike easily north, from the same bus stop you just stepped off in. To [[Haifa]] try to get direct rides, as sometime drivers get off the highway where there is no good hitchiking spot. To [[Afula]] and [[Tiberias]] you will need to get a ride which turns right in Ceaseria Junction to Road 65 - If the driver continues till [[Haifa]] then you will not be able to get off in that junction.

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