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|country = England
|map = <map lat='51.944580' lng='1.289852' zoom='12' view='3'/>
|state = East (of England)|pop = 1517,500684 (2011)|motorways = [[A120 (England)|A120]]
'''Harwich''' is a city in [[East (of England)|the east]] of [[England]]. You can get there with a ship from the "Hook Of [[Holland]]".There is an abandoned gas station where you can sleep.
==Hitching OutHitchhiking in ===== From [[Hook of Holland]] ===The ferry line from Hook of Holland is operated by Stena Line. Their website doesn't disclose all information and as such I would advise against booking from there. You can use it to estimate the prices and approach drivers. Most important prices are € 25 for an additional car passenger, € 50 for a bicycle passenger and 70 € for a foot passenger (Feb. 2022). It is well worth waiting for someone to add you onto their ticket, but modifying an already booked ticket might be more costly / difficult. The employees at the counter can be disrespectful if you identify yourself as a hitchhiker, even going as far as insulting you and refusing service entirely. However, as soon as you come back with a driver, they'll sort everything out just fine (though slightly disgruntled). == Trashwiki & Nomadwiki =={{nomadwiki}} [[Category:East of England]][[Category:Ferries]][[Category:E32]] [[de:Harwich]]

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