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===South towards [[Sofia]], [[Bulgaria]]===
Take the M2 metro in direction of ''IMGB''. Get off at ''Eroi Revolutie'' and look for the ''City Mall'', walk towards it and you will see that the road forks. Take the right fork, the road will be called ''Giurgiului''. Just after the city mall, there's a tram ticket office. Get a ticket (1.7 Lei as of September 2008), and walk a bit more on the road to get to the tram stop. It's right in the middle of the road. Take tram #25 to the last stop. It stops directly before the city of ''Jilava'', so from there you can easily catch a ride towards the border of [[Bulgaria]].
===South East towards [[Giurgiu]], [[Ruse]], [[Bulgaria]], [[Istanbul]]===
In October 2008 [[User:Guaka|guaka]] quickly got a ride straight to [[Istanbul]] at a truck rest stop [,25.964658&spn=0.002896,0.006191&t=h&z=17&iwloc=addr close to where the E70 takes a right turn]. The guy working there at the time was from Bulgaria and if he's there any knowledge of the Russian language will come in handy. You can probably also find rides the other direction of the E70.
===North, East towards [[Slobozia]], [[Constanţa]] (Black Sea Coast) and Danube Delta===

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