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{{Voivodeships Poland}}
=== Language ===
According to a 2001 survey by CBOS (Polish survey office), roughly 42% of Poles speak at least one foreign language fluently. Generally, 23% of Poles speak Russian, 16% speak English and a similar percentage speaks [[Germany|German]]. Other languages often spoken are [[France|French]], [[Czech Republic|Czech]], [[Slovakia|Slovak]] and other Slavic languages. According to the same survey, among the youngsters (students and pupils) the percentage to speak at least one foreign language fluently reached 66, as compared to 50% of those under 35 and 40% of those between 35 and 54 years of age []. According to a similar survey prepared in late 2005 by TNS Opinion & Social for the European Commission, the percentage of people who speak one foreign language decently is 57%. At the same time roughly 32% are bi-lingual and 4% tri-lingual [,Znajomosc-jezykow-obcych-w-Europie,1,39,1.html]. Except for younger people, foreign languages (mostly [[England|English]]) are commonly spoken by businessmen and educated people (87%), urban populations (50%) and small business (48%). However, it is hard to predict the knowledge of languages of a driver by his car as educated people in '''Poland''' are generally poorly-paid.

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