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==Postcards==__NOTOC__[[File:DSCF5026-1.jpg|thumb|right|250px|[[User:Whisperingofthestars|Jason]] thumbing in Northern [[Latvia]]]]A post-card is a short message that you send someone. Think of your driver, your hitchhiker, a friend, family, your host, someone you met on the road, etc. Feel also free to upload actual postcards or add photos.
A post-card is a short message that you would send or already have send someoneSubmit by ''[http://www. Think of your driver, your hitchhiker, a friend, family, your host, someone you met on the road, edit]''.
Submit by ''[ | edit]'Amylin ==Hey hey hey! I'.m finally back in Porto!
I spent the night (Saturday) and the following day in a small town near Erlangen, Germany to visit my friend Lea , who I met in Marrakech. It was her 21st birthday. She's maybe taller than Kasper. She traveled all of West Africa mostly-solo. Kinda amazing. It was good to see her.
I spent a lot of time on the road after that, hitching back to Porto. Mostly ok. I can handle most situations now. I went through France all by night, except the last sliver of [[Basque country]] in the following day (yesterday), where I met a filmmaker near Biarritz, who let me take a shower and eat some quinoa and bio (from the garden) tomatoes and peppers for an early lunch. Then I got some very nice, very concerned Portuguese camioneros who took me to Portugal.
''[[User:Amylin|Amylin]], October 15 2008''
==Erinmack == I woke up with itchy feet and decided I needed to see something new...but I wanted to be back by evening. I chose a small city two and a half hours away, Karlskrona (Sweden). My morning ride went off without a hitch, so to speak - premiering my new dry-erase board (20 Swedish crowns), I scored a ride directly there (!) out of Lund in less than five minutes with a former bodybuilder eager to regale me with tales of his great American roadtrip in vivid detail. When he stopped @ McD's, insisting it was his treat, I admitted to being vegan, but he wouldn't relent, so I ordered a salad with vinaigrette dressing. Karlskrona had a small archipelago, lots of sea birds, and a great thrift shop, so I was happy. ''[[User:Erinmack|Erinmack]], October 5 2008'' == Jem == After the cops went and laughed at me:"Nobody's gonna take you, hahaha". I just thought that one single car is enough to take me out from this place. In a tiny village near Amberg, I waited less than one hour. A Czech driver took me for a 1800km ride: Barcelona! Sometimes hitch hiking is so easy. For 2 days, we listened good music, spending good times together. Hitchhiking isn't only a means of transportation, it is also a means to friendship. When I left his car, I was just... somewhere else. Gone again... ''Jem, September 18th 2008'' = James =Ralf == Hitchhiking was easy today, got a ride from the [[Liftershalte|Liftersplaats]] in [[Amsterdam|A'dam]] directly to [[Muiden]] service station. The guys who picked me up went to [[Rotterdam]] but were so friendly to drive a detour :), from there to [[Amersfoort]]----Noord, bad spot but got a ride in a VW Kaefer directly to Voorthuizen, there hitched to service station Lucasgat, got a ride by the worst smelling truck ever to Hengelo servicestation, and from there directly a ride from a Danish guy going all the way to Norway!! (grrr, missed chance!) 3,5 hours, no problem. Thanks for Friday night,guess I'll visit [[Amsterdam|A'dam]] again soon :) ''[[User:Platschi|Ralf]], September 15th 2008''  == James == yeah Yeah 3 rides, some german ! Some German musician folk who speak dutchDutch with each other, 2 romanian Romanian fellas who say they wheregoing to dortmund[[Dortmund]], and drove quite near hannover wich[[Hannover]] which was odd because they changed there their mind regardin onsome regarding onsome phone calls chatting . Chatting with my man justin hearrecons friend Justin here, he reckons they where most probably involved in movinggirls around, they where kinda dodgey and dodgy. And also a super nicegerman German family who live about 30 ks away but yep uguessed - it drove me to the door, yeah its it's just how iI pictured travelling traveling when i I was a jungeryounger.
''James, September 14th 2008''
== Kai ==
=== Kai ===----The trip went great! But I'm actually not that sureabout the spot at the bus lane.. I think there washardly anyone driving in our direction. After about 1hour however a very cool former [[hitchhiking|hitchhiker ]] stopped forus and brought us to the next petrol station eventhough it wasn't his direction either. After that itwas no problem to get to [[Bremen]].The next day hitchhiking out of [[Bremen ]] was the mostdifficult part, it was like a cultural shock suddenlyfacing all these ignorant or disgusted glances fromthe german German drivers. So different from france [[France]] &netherlands[[Netherlands]], kinda sad.Thanks again for taking us in! Without you it probably
would have been wild camping & a grumpy Sandra
''Kai, September 3rd 2008''
== Shaun ==
[[File:Shaun_paris_sign.jpg|thumb|240px|right|Shaun being photographed in Paris at the [[888]]-event]]. My hitch to [[Berlin]] was o.k., took me 2 fucking day though, lol. didn't even make it to [[Germany]] the first
day, slept in the bushes. but had a great ride from 2 hippies from [[Austria]] driving their bus around [[Europe]]. I camped with them the first night, they didn't want to cross the border with all the hash they had so we had to stop and smoke it all, and had a nice campfire on which we roasted bread doe on sticks. very nice friends, they gave me their contacts to stay with them in the country side of [[Austria]]. So have fun man, I'll see ya when I am back in [[Amsterdam|A'dam]]. rock n roll.
''[[Random Roads/Submit#Not knowing what would happen next|Shaun]], August 27th 2008''
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