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Project 888/Utrecht

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{{888}}In the evening of the 7th there will be a party meet-up in [[Utrecht. ]] to meet other hitch hikershitchhikers, and get some last minute tips, and maybe a hostif you haven't found one yet. Details about this on the meeting will follow. You can also check this be posted on the [ ?mid=14197 meetingpage] page, to see if there's anything on there.
Spots leaving Please check the [[Utrecht]] page for more information on hitchhing out of [[Utrecht]]. ------------- European Hitchhike Day - Netherlands meet-up On the 8th of August over a hundred people (and counting) will join up to hitchhike to Paris from Utrechtdifferent places around Europe and further. Join this amazing event with fellow hitchhikers. If you have never hitchhiked before, this is your chance to pair up with experienced hitchhikers and have an amazing adventure and a great weekend in Paris. * Onramp Hitchhike to Paris on A27 near the Veemarkthallen8th of August! We will meet beforehand in Utrecht in a really nice bar called the Bastaard, ten minutes from Central can walkWe will talk about how to hitchhike, we share tips and tricks and have fun. The next day we will all hitchhike to Paris, and stay over for the weekend to share our travel stories, or enjoy Paris and to take bus nr 5 direction Voordorppart in a day of workshops around hitchhiking, clowning and get off at kemal ataturkstraathospitality exchange.  77 direction BilthovenThis is also the chance for hitchhikers coming from further to have a rest before hitting Paris, and for people leaving from the Netherlands to listen to the stories from other hitchhikers, to share tips and tricks on how to hitchhike, how to leave Utrecht and get off at P+R Veemarktto teach each other useful sentences in all available languages. I usually use So whether you are an experienced hitchhiker or you are completely new to this spotand full of fear but feeling adventurous, this is your chance! This is the moment to pair first timers up with experienced hitchhikers. Of course, you're also free to go alone or more than two persons... It's all up to you!!! We choose Utrecht as one of the last check-point cities since it is a very central city in the Netherlands, easy to reach and am gone within 1 good spots to start from. From Utrecht to 30 minParis, it is just one road down! (well, almost...) Plus, there are good options to be hosted in Utrecht - there are many Utreggers eager to host you. Join us on this adventure! The first European Hitchhiking Day promises to be unforgetable, and you will make that happen (together with your drivers)! * [ Sign up] for the Utrecht meeting * Sign up for the European Hitchhiking day* Read for more about hitchhiking.

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