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Centre (France)

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== General Info ==
In the summer, many are attracted to the lure of the Loire valley and so it may be possible to get fast rides with tourists and travellers in the area. It is also known for its fantastic and cheap wine.
Be careful not to get stuck in the large cities such as [[Tours]] or particularly [[Orleans]] (on the outskirts, it becomes quite industrial and hell to get out of, [[User:Whisperingofthestars]] has discovered this many times.
As the [(France]) page reads, choose your spots carefully, but most small towns and villages will be kind to you. If you are female or travelling with a female, the rides will be quicker, of course.
If passing through the [[Montargis]], [[Briare]], [[Chatillon-sur-Loire area]], be sure to contact [[User:Whisperingofthestars]].

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