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Hitch from the outskirts of town. Use the road signs in the town centre to find your way out.
===South towards [[Laxey]], [[Onchan]], [[Douglas]]===
Use either the A18 'mountain road', or the A2 'coast road'. On [ this video], the bike is travelling south from Ramsey centre. At 00:35, there's a junction - straight on is the A18, left is the A2.
*The A18 'mountain road' will take you directly to Douglas. It is sometimes closed due to bad weather. From the bus station, walk up the road until you find a good spot. The corner at 01:22 on the above video works very well, with waiting time 5-20 minutes. Going south, the 'mountain road' is the most famous section of the [[TT course]], so sit back and enjoy the fantastic scenery.*The A2 'coast road' takes you down through Laxey and the other villages, on the way to Douglas. Get out Walk along the A2 past the junction with the promenade, and anywhere is fine. Use a sign saying the name of town firstthe place you want to go to, but if it's Laxey or further, just write LAXEY. There is a bus stop with a bench to sit down, but you won't be sitting for long. Waiting time 5-10 minutes.
===West towards [[Kirk Michael]], [[Peel]]===
The area north of Ramsey is flat and sparsely populated. Traffic only enters to the region to visit the small villages and there is no 'main road'. As there are many interconnecting roads between the villages, the small number of cars are spread out between all the possible roads. So reaching a certain village may take a long time by hitchhike, unless your driver helps you out by going off their route. Go north from Ramsey centre, pick the route to your village of choice (A13/A9/A10) and you will always be able to find a safe, visible place to stand along that road.
Or just stick your thumb out opposite Ramsey hospital with a sign saying NORTH, and see where you end up.
==By sea towards [[England]], [[Scotland]], [[Northern Ireland]]==
Ramsey is a small port, but it's still the largest on the Isle of Man. During the day, there are always some private boats getting ready to sail out, plus maybe a cargo ship or two. Popular destinations include [[Barrow-in-Furness]], [[Whitehaven]], [[Stranraer]], [[Troon]], [[Bangor_(Northern Ireland)|Bangor]], [[Belfast]] and [[Larne]]. Don't be afraid to ask - the crew may just need some help.
==Public transport==

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