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A-13 (Quebec)

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'''Autoroute 13''' - ''Autoroute Chomedey'' starts South '''[[Montreal Metropolitan]] Lachine''':
*'''(1) {{junction}} Junction [[A-20 (Quebec)|A-20 Autoroute Jean-Lesage]]'''*'''(2) {{Ramp}} ''' (Montée de Liesse / Rue Hickmore)*'''(3) {{junction}} Junction [[A-20 (Quebec)|A-520 Autoroute Côte-de-Liesse]]'''**Access giving on Frontage road*'''(6) {{junction}} Junction [[A-40 (Quebec)|A-40]]'''
*'''(8) {{Ramp}} ''' (Boulevard Henri-Bourassa / Boulevard Gouin)**Through Boulevard Pitfield acting as Frontage Road
Pont Rivière des Prairies
*'''(12) {{Ramp}} ''' (Boulevard Samson)**Access through Frontage road*'''Frontage Road''' between {{Ramp}} 12 and 15 with access to:**(Boulevard Notre-Dame)**(Route 148/Boulevard St-Martin/Rue Principale)*'''(15) {{junction}} Junction [[A-40 (Quebec)|A-440]]'''**Access through Frontage road only*'''(17) {{Ramp}} ''' (Boulevard Dagenais / Boulevard Ste-Rose)**Access through Frontage road only
Pont Vachon - Rivière Mille-Îles
As ''Autoroute Mirabel/Autoroute Chomedey''
*'''(20) {{Ramp}} ''' (Route 344 / Chemin de la Grande-Côte)*'''(22) {{junction}} Junction [[A-40 (Quebec)|A-640]]'''
*''End of A-13''{{IsIn|Montreal Metropolitan}}
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