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A-40 (Quebec)

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The '''A-40''', known as ''Autoroute 40'' and officially named ''Autoroute Félix-Leclerc'' and ''Autoroute de la Rive-Nord'' runs on one stretch from the border of [[Ontario]] to the West and finishes just East of [[Quebec city]]. The A-40 highway continues its path into [[Ontario]] as the [[H-417 (OntarionOntario)|H-417]], which goes towards [[Ottawa]], the provincial border in Rigaud. It also runs parallel to the St-Lawrence River on its northern bank crossing the main urban areas on [[Montreal Metropolitan|Montreal]] Island, [[Trois-Rivières]] before finally reaching [[Quebec city]] where the highway finally merge with the National Route 138 continuing further East. In between these three main cities, you cross a long rural landscape going from farmland to a big nothing in these rural areas it could be feasable to hitch along the highway itself at some point. This gets impossible the nearer of [[Montreal Metropolitan|Montreal]] you get.
The A-40 is part of the [[Transcanadian Highway]] between [[Montreal]] and the [[Ontario|ontarian]] border.

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