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A-40 (Quebec)

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*'''Crossroad Aéroport de Québec''' (Rue Principale)
**'' {{Good}} people will most likely be altruist to help you out as there is no local transport from the airport''
**There is a local Gas Station/Donut store at this corner
*'''Crossroad ''' On-Grade
*'''Crossroad ''' On-Grade
**''{{Senseless}} - Fast lanes''
As ''Autoroute Duplessis'' {{Senseless}} ''(Do not walk or hitch along that highway)''
*{{Senseless}} - Do not venture as pedestrian along the fast lanes as it is narrowed without shoulder with many blinded corner for drivers.
*'''Crossroad''' (Rue Lavigerie)
**''{{Bad}} - Westwards, drivers are too busy finding their right lane before the Junction
 *'''End of A-540''' continue eastward as 'Boulevard Laurier' ''(Route 175)'' towards [[Quebec city]] Downtown

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