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<map lat='58.75680543225761' lng='25.740966796875' zoom='7' view='0' float='right' height='320' width='450'/>
'''Estonia''' is a small country that belongs to [[European Union]] and is a [[Schengen Agreement]] country. Thumbing and waving carton with town name are both understandable ways for drivers. In case of bad weather poster is better seen from car.
Estonia is relatively a good country for hitch-hiking. The cars stop easily next to highways and small roads. Cars of the drivers that pick you up are various - trucks, old soviet cars, nice new cars and even tractors. Officially there is no difference if a truck driver or a car driver offers you a ride - everyone (except tractors) is allowed to go 90km/h. Except - in the summer on some roads it is allowed to go up to 110km/h. But unofficially - even truck drivers like speeding.
* [[Narva]], * [[Kohtla-Järve]], * [[Pärnu]] - inhabitants over 30.000
* [[Viljandi]], * [[Sillamäe]], * [[Rakvere]], * [[Maardu]], * [[Valga]], * [[Kuressaare]], * [[Võru]], * [[Jõhvi]], * [[Haapsalu]] - inhabitants over 10.000
Crimes related to hitch-hiking '''are not''' common in Estonia. But a hitch-hiker should be totally sober and avoid cars where is even drunken co-passenger.
In 2005 a (drunken) guy who asked for a ride got beaten and robbed. In 2001 happened same thing, but the hitch-hiker was sober.
In the end of November 2007 an hitch-hiker demanded driver to make stop for smoking, waving self-made pistol. Luckily everything went well.
Also there have been situations where hitch-hiker stole valuables from back seat.
In 2002 convicted two men who grabbed two girls (not hitch-hikers), put them in their car, took to their house and raped. The girls were lucky to escape later.
The conclusion is - no matter is you're as driver or traveler - safety first. Better be late or sleep on mother Earth than get in untrustworthy vehicle.
And be aware there you are all times. No "shorter cuts" are necessary.
==Useful phrases==
1) Tere - Hello!
2) Kas ma saaksin... [town name]? - Could I get to...[town name]?
3) Kui kaugele te lähete? - How far are you going?
4) Palun näidake kaartil - Please show on map
5) Palun peatuge siin - Please stop here
6) Aitäh sõidu eest - Thanks for the ride
7) Vabandust - Excuse me
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