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[[Denver]] sucks. West {{IsIn|United States of Denver treated me pretty good though.America}}
==Western '''Colorado==''' is a state of the [[United States of America|United States]]. It is generally regarded as welcoming towards hitchhikers.
Very easy: US== Budget Transportation==*The traveler passing through [[Denver]] will be wise to note the presence of several Mexican bus companies. 50 from Salida More affordable, more comfortable, more reliable, and with noteably nicer co-passengers than the Dirty Dog (greyhound), these companies can take you to Grand Junction (gets Kansas City, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Southern California, and of course, Mexico. If you've got a little harder once few bucks and you hit don't feel like thumbing your way out of suburban sprawl, head over the Utah borderarea between Welton and Champa between 19th and 22nd streets. Autobuses Los Paisanos, Los Limosines, cary water)Autobuses Americanos and others can get you to Mexico for 50-60 dollars.
Very easy: Rt. 135 from Gunnison to Crested Butte==Free Transportation==
Easy *There is a bus that runs between [[Fort Collins]] and [[Loveland]] with a policy which allows you to Moderate: along 24 and 285 north of Salida ride free if you claim to be 17 or younger.
Difficult: 92 and 133 *There is a free bus that runs between Carbondale [[Gunnison]] and Delta (Low Traffic)[[Crested Butte]]. Ask the locals for detailed schedules.
Easy: 550 Montrose to Durango*SummitStage runs free anywhere in Summit County including Silverthorne, Dillon, Frisco, Breckenridge, and Keystone.
'''Note''': When hitchiking in Western Colorado dont get dropped off around Bunea Vista or Canon City, Prisions are located here *Denver has a free bus that runs along 16th street between union station and you are likely to be stranded for long periodsthe capitol.
*Steamboat Springs has a free bus running across town---- == Difficult Routes ==While Colorado is generally an easy state to hitch, doing these routes may prove more difficult than others. *Difficult: CO133 [[Carbondale (Colorado)| Carbondale]] to [[Hotchkiss]] *Difficult: CO92 [[Delta (Colorado)|Delta]] to Blue Mesa Reservoir *Difficult: CO115 [[Colorado Springs]] to [[Penrose (Colorado)|Penrose]] *Difficult to Moderate: [[Fort Collins]] or [[Loveland]] to [[Greeley]] *Difficult to Moderate: US287 [[Lamar]] to [[Limon]] == Law ==42-4-805. Pedestrians walking or traveling in a wheelchair on highways. (2) No person shall stand in a roadway for the purpose of soliciting a ride from the driver of any private vehicle. For the purpose of subsection (2) "roadway" means that portion of the road normally used by moving motor vehicle traffic. (5) Any town or city may, by ordinance, regulate the use by pedestrians of streets and highways under its jurisdiction to the extent authorized under subsection (6) of this section and sections 42-4-110 and 42-4-111, but no ordinance regulating such use of streets and highways in a manner differing from this section shall be effective until official signs or devices giving notice thereof have been placed as required by section 42-4-111 (2). (6) No person shall solicit a ride on any highway included in the interstate system, as defined in section 43-2-101 (2), C.R.S., except at an entrance to or exit from such highway or at places specifically designated by the department of transportation; or, in an emergency affecting a vehicle or its operation, a driver or passenger of a disabled vehicle may solicit a ride on any highway. (7) Pedestrians shall only be picked up where there is adequate road space for vehicles to pull off and not endanger and impede the flow of traffic. Basically, hitch all you want in Colorado from off the traveled portion of the road and not on the interstate and you will be fine. There are some municipalities in Colorado that prohibit hitchhiking, but they are required to post official notices. === Federal Districts ==='''Note''':All land regulated by the National Park service prohibits hitchhiking under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 section 4.31: Hitchhiking or soliciting transportation is prohibited ''except in designated areas and under conditions established by the superintendent.'' *Rocky Mountain National ParkHitchhiking in the park is allowed and restricted to the road shoulder. == Experiences == :''I would not hesitate to claim Colorado as the easiest state in America to hitchhike in. Anywhere west of the front range is incredibly easy. You might start wishing people would stop picking you up so fast so you'll have more time to absorb the scenery. I have hitchhiked almost every US and State highway in Colorado and many of the County Roads and wait times have averaged about 15 minutes depending on traffic.'' [[User:Thewindandrain|Thewindandrain]] ([[User talk:Thewindandrain|talk]]) 03:50, 8 March 2013 (CET) == Cities ==* [[Denver]]* [[Colorado Springs]]* [[Fort Collins]]* [[Limon]]  {{Template:States USA}}[[trash:Colorado]] [[Category:United States of America]][[Category:Colorado]]

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