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To get out of '''Cologne''' to the South the best possibility is to go to the ''Verteilerkreis Süd'', a big roundabout where all vehicles that are heading for the motorway to the South or West are passing by. There is also a petrol station beside it and a traffic light where one can ask people for a lift.
Not the best option unless you go to [[Bonn]] or [[Koblenz]]. For heading to [[Frankfurt am Main]], take the train to the last stop ''Königsforst'' (tram nr 9, may have changed though), walk straight for about 15 min. Then after a right turn you are on a decent on ramp of the [[A3 (Germany)|A3]], most of the cars will go to [[Frankfurt am Main]] or can drop you at least on the ''Rasthof Siegburg'' (about 20 km south)
Another possibility to achieve the A 3 in the direction Frankfurt is to take the train “RB 25” from the main station in the direction “Marienheide” or “Overath” for 3,20 €. Leave at “Stümpen” and turn right and go up to the “Kiefernweg” and turn right. Follow the street that is later called “Dammelsfurther Weg” up to the “Pestalozziweg” for maybe 500 meters and turn right. Now you pass the Autobahn and turn right again in the “Plantage”. Follow this way a few hundred meters through the forest and you will see a service station on the right side. Maybe you have to climb a fence. Now you are on the a station without oil station but much traffic. Easy to get a ride here. Totally it takes approximately 40 minutes from the cologne main station. In my experience this is the best possibility to leave cologne.
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