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'''Cologne''', or '''Köln''' in German, is a big city in [[Nordrhein-Westfalen]].
===North towards [[Düsseldorf]] or [[Dortmund]]===
Take the tram no. 5 or 13 to ''Nußbaumer Str.''. There is an onramp. A lot of traffic goes in your direction, but it is very dangerous for drivers to stop there.
==Hitching in==
When you arrive Cologne via the [[A1 (Germany)|A1]], it's difficult to get into the town center, because the motorway is very far outside. One option is to get off at the exit '''Köln-Niehl'''. There is a tram station, close to the motorway, in east direction, 15 minutes walking. At daytime, you can get to the town center in like 15 minutes.

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