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Follow either path mentioned above. In Okęcie there is a risk that the driver would only get you to Janki. In Janki itself however the road is easy to reach. The ''droga krajowa 8'' (E67) is located between IKEA and Geant shopping centres, at most some 10 minutes walk from the free bus stop. If you wish to go down E67 towards [[Katowice]], it is best to get off at the stop ''after'' IKEA, that is Geant. Further down the road there is a nice and wide shoulder so there should not be a problem with finding a decent place. The road itself leads to [[Piotrków Trybunalski]], where it joins the pan-European ''droga krajowa 1'' ([[E75]]). The latter connects Warsaw with [[Łódź]], [[Katowice]], [[Sosnowiec]], [[Wrocław]] and all other major towns in the south. For Łódź leave the highway at [[Rawa Mazowiecka]], for Wrocław leave the road at Piotrków Trybunalski.

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